To Whom it May Concern,

This was an estate sale in which the condominium (the prime asset) had to be sold. As the executor, I interviewed three real estate professionals to ascertain their approaches and to find one that would be good fit to the special circumstances of the Probate. Tom was the only one who advised that we should go forward only when the Grant of Probate was in hand, as in his experience, the Probate may be delayed and may cause complications with the sale and the completion date. At that time the Probate was in process, and while I had been given an estimate of when it may be granted, this was not a guaranteed date and in addition, the Probate could be in some cases delayed by a month or more. The other agents had advised that I should list immediately and handle the uncertainty with the Probate by insisting on a protracted completion date. Tom’s approach made more sense to me so we decided not to rush and to list as soon as we had the Probate in hand. As it turned out, the Probate was delayed for almost 2 months, and the eventual buyer wanted to take the condo within about 2 weeks so Tom was entirely right in his approach, as it avoided complications and resulted in a clean, problem-free sale which broke a record for that building to date.

The sale itself was executed with surgical precision. Tom had a definite plan regarding the listing and showing dates. The process only took about 10 days start to finish, and it rolled out exactly as Tom had planned as he was in control of the process.

The listing price was a bit lower than I had expected, but Tom re-assured me on this point that we would get multiple offers. In the end I decided to leave it his hands. As it turned out the selling price was well above the asking price with no conditions and was beyond all our expectations and everyone was happy with the outcome.

In summary, Tom is an experienced real estate professional whose approach is to eliminate all possible impediments to the successful completion of the sale. His control of the selling process is exceptional. As an executor, I appreciated his sensitivity in recognizing the special requirements of the sale within the estate. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

Best regards,

This is a testimonial for Thomas Lee, both as a real estate agent and personally. I have known Tom for more than 30 years.

Experience is vital when selecting a real estate agent, because each sale is unique and likely to include some surprises. During the last few decades, Tom has worked in a rapidly changing real estate market. This allows him to understand the trends of the local housing market; he can often anticipate issues before they happen. Thus, Tom can protect his client’s interests; he knows when to be aggressive and when to negotiate, based on his experience. This is clear from his extremely successful sales record.

Equally important in an agent is finding someone that is trustworthy. Having known Tom for so many years, I can vouch for his integrity. He listens to your needs and requests, and communicates clearly – telling you what to expect. He is organized, with attention to detail, and is in constant contact throughout the process.

You will find Tom to be honest, personable, hardworking, and knowledgeable about the current real estate market. This is someone you can trust to guide you through all the legalities, and help you reach a successful conclusion. We would not use anyone else. 

Dave Retallack 

January 2014

When my wife received a job across the country we realized we had a million things to take care of, not the least of which was the renovation and sale of our Vancouver condo.

One of our friends had utilized Thomas' services and earnestly recommended him. We met with Thomas and explained our seemingly overwhelming challenges to him. Thomas walked us through the process step by step and we immediately felt comfortable and in control.

Thomas assisted us with everything, even going so far as to put us in touch with a contractor for the necessary renovations, and helping us pick out the flooring and blinds. He even went so far as to accompany me to the store to select and purchase the materials.

Thomas continued to work with the contractor after our departure, and kept us a abreast of the progress. Once the condo was ready, Thomas quickly listed it at the price we had agreed upon and less than a week later the unit was sold.

Thomas assisted us with the subsequent paperwork and processes, and notwithstanding we were now 3000 miles away, all of the paperwork and payments were efficiently and correctly processed.

We can't stress enough how helpful and professional Thomas was throughout the entire process. We would recommend Thomas to anyone buying or selling a property.

Sheldon and Petra Bergner